Factor Bikes & Black Inc New Technical Partner for Product Development of Team Parkhotel Valkenburg

In 2019 Team Parkhotel Valkenburg will show the beautiful bikes and parts of Factor Bikes and Black Inc. The team will ride on a custom design of the O2 model and the ONE model from Factor Bikes.

Factor Bikes owners Rob Gitelis and Baden Cooke about this unique brand; Factor Bikes was conceived from a commitment to innovation, speed and performance through advanced engineering; our soul lives in technology and integration and our heritage is derived from advanced motorsport and aviation

Because we own the factory, because we live locally, because we can step into the factory anytime we choose, we have the ability to move from design to prototype to production at a speed no major manufacturer can match.

We are cyclists and every day we come to work with a passion to make the best bicycles we can. We strive for excellence for the simple reason that an excellent bike is the one we want to ride.’’

Team Manager Esra Tromp about the new partners of the team; ‘’ As a manager of the team I am extremely happy with the support of both Factor Bikes and Black Inc. We work so hard and passionate to let the riders make their dreams come true, to find partners who do the same

with their brand is amazing. The passion and effort is put in the bikes and bikeparts is really great to see and experience.’’

Owners Rob Gitelis and Baden Cooke are really excited to work together. Working with a women World Tour Team is really cool since womencycling is a growing sport!